As-Swaarim Al-Maslool – The Unleashed Sword

September 2, 2008

‘Pray as you have seen me praying..’

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The Noble Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) said :

“We, the company of prophets, have been commanded to hasten the breaking of the fast, to delay the meal before the fast, and to place our right arms on our left arms during prayer.”  [Ibn Hibbaan & Diyaa’, with a saheeh isnaad.]

   [Abu Daawood, Nasaa’i & Ibn Khuzaimah (1/54/2) with a saheeh isnaad, and Ibn Hibbaan declared it saheeh (485).]

“He used to place the right arm on the back of his left palm, wrist and forearm”

“and he commanded his companions to do likewise”  [Maalik, Bukhaari & Abu ‘Awaanah.] 

This is all courtersy of the great book -which I would advise every muslim who wants salvation to read – ‘The Prophet’s Prayer described’ by al-Imaam Al-Albaanee (rahimahullaah).


Now after we have seen the words of The Noble Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam), look at the words of the rejectionists :  and then please make a choice which methodology you are upon.



khomeini says in his book tahrir al-wasila 2/166 :

Under the Chapter : The Invalidators of the Prayer :

‘Second one : It is putting one hand over the other – as done by the others who are not us.

And in the correct strong opinion : it is an invalidator of prayer if done intentionally and not forgetfully! Even then [if done forgetfully] it is more cautious and better to repeat the prayer.

And it is allowed in times of taqiyya [hypocrisy / lies / deception.]  ‘


For you is the text :


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