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September 4, 2008

Do they have limits !?

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As we are in the blessed month of Ramadhaan ; I would like to encourage the muslims who are fasting to enhance and increase in the acts of obedience, and I pray that we all be among the accepted ones. Ameen.

And also as it is the month of fasting , lets take a look at what the religion of the shia tells them regarding some rulings pertaining to fasting :

In the previous posts we have known [and seen the proof] of how they make halaal what Allaah has made haraam : i.e. the evil and nasty and despicable act of having anal intercouse.

This itself -making permissible what The Legislator has made impermissible – is disbelief. As is well known and clear.

But I am sure you didnt know this :

They didnt stop there !

Not only is it permissible , its even okay during fasting !! 

If you think I am lieing then I will prove you wrong soon [look at the proof below] , and if you think that ‘yes indeed these people are astray and deviated’ – then Alhamdulillaah thats what we have to let each other know.

We will bring this ‘ruling’ of theirs from two different books , so as to leave no doubts.

Before that ; just a reminder  : we have to know that they relate and ascribe most of their things to Abu Abdullaah Jaafar as-Saadiq (may Allaah be pleased with him) : these are false ascriptions and lies. He is far from these people and their wickedness.  And even then – speaking hypothetically- if these things were narrated authentically from him : we cannot take any words which oppose the Perfect Legislation of Allaah.

Anyways getting back to the topic [and I am sorry for bringing these nasty things , but we have to clarify and expose the truth]

The first one is ‘kitaabul waafi’ of al-kaashani , and the second is ‘wasaail shi’yya ila masaail shariah’ by al-huraamli

Al-kaashani says :

Under the Chapter : ‘Intercoursing the Anus’ :

First highlit : ‘ When a man approaches a woman in her anus and he does not ejaculate; then they dont have to take a ritual bath ! And if he ejaculates then it is upon him to take a bath and not a must on her.!’

Second highlit : ‘Regarding the man who approaches a woman in her anus while she is fasting : ‘It does not break her fast , and she does not have to take a bath’

Third highlit : ‘When a man approaches a woman in her anus while she is fasting : It does not break her fast , and she does not have to take a bath”

The  text :





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