As-Swaarim Al-Maslool – The Unleashed Sword

September 5, 2008


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Grand Ayatollah Akhond Mulla Zainul-Abideen al-Kalbaikani wrote in his book “Anwaar al-Wilayah”:

“There’s nothing (impure) in the urine of the infallibles: their blood, urine and feaces (are free of) any filth or dirtiness and hence they are not from those things which you have to stay away from in the prayers or its like…

nor is there any stink in their urine or feaces, rather both are like the Musk.

Nay, (in fact) whoever drinks [and eat] their urine, their feaces and their blood : Allah forbids the [punishment] of the fire on him, and admission to Heaven becomes a must for him …”


translation adapted fromAhlel Bayt website.

This is the religion they are upon,  and killing Sunnis for !?

Indeed To Allaah is our complain.

The text :


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