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September 5, 2008

Prostration to Faatima

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This is from the book titled ‘anwar az-zahraa’  :

Q. Is it allowed to make sujood (prostration) to Faatima ?

A.  It has come in narrations that it is a MUST to make sujood after the salaat [prayer] seeking assistance [help] by Faatima az-zahraa (may Allaah be pleased with her).

And to say 100 hundred times while in sujood : ‘Ya Mawlaaya , Yaa Faatima , Agheethnee’ [O My Master , O Faatima , Aid me]

And from the customary and natural things with us , that when we mentione her name and seek assitance from her ; then there is no way except that we have to prostrate to her. This is because it is not intellectually correct that a person speaks with Faatima and directs himself to her and seeks from her – and then he prostrates to someone other than her.

This is because we cannot shun away from this reality, and that is if there is no prohibition to prostrate to other than Allaah [then its okay] , this is because we dont have any proof showing the impermissibility of prostration to other than Allaah. …’

To the end of their heresy.

And this is the proof :



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