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November 29, 2008

Makkah & Karbalaa

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Another comical and heretical ‘narration’ .

Are these people really this far , from the correct methodology of Islaam ?

How can these people invent such lies and ascribe them to The Lord of Everything !!

It says :

From Abee Abdullaah who said : ‘The earth of the Ka’bah [Makkah] said : ‘Who is like me? Indeed Allaah Has built His house on me, and people come to me -in flocks- from every valley, and I have been made a sacred sanctuary !?’ 

so Allaah revealed to it : ‘that you should stop and halt. As by my Capability and my Grandeur; what I have given you of excellence is nothing compared to what I have given to the earth of Karbalaa ; except the like of what a pin would take of the water when immersed in the ocean !  

And if it was not for the dust of Karbalaa I would not have given you any excellence. And if it was not for what the earth of Karbalaa has entailed; I would not have created you, and I would not have created the house [Ka’bah] of which you boast of!  So stay calm and stop, and be humble, and lowly towards the earth of Karbalaa , and do not be proud in front of the earth of Karbalaa :  If not, I would be angry with you and throw you into the Hell Fire. !”

end of quote.

May Allaah safeguard the blessed House and the blessed Land of Makkah, the Land of the beloved one of Allaah [Ibraahim] and his progeny , and also His beloved , the seal of the Prophets (may Allaah be pleased with them all).



November 7, 2008

The Excellence of Karbalaa over the Ka’bah !

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This is another proof of the extremism and heretic lies of these people.  All in the picture of trying to prove that they have sacred places and sacred texts just as the Ahlus-Sunnah do !

This is the first of these texts from their books – showing the excellence of Karbalaa over Makkah ! 

Indeed these people are strange .   O Allaah guide us and them to hold on to Your straight path.

It says :

” Allaah The Blessed The Exalted created the land of Karbalaa 24,000 years before He created the Ka’bah.  And made it holy and blessed it.  So it has’nt ceased to be blessed and holy among the creations of Allaah, and it wont cease to be like that until Allaah makes it the best of the lands of paradise , and the best of places and abodes in which Allaah rests in it His allies. ”


The text :


October 17, 2008

Mut’ah – Temporary Illegal Enjoyment : Pt.2

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This is another proof – containing almost the same narrations on mut’ah – as the previous one. with slight difference in wording 

This one is from the book ‘al-muqni’  by their ‘great scholar’ al-qummi ,   : 

“…he will not talk to her  [the woman] any word ; except that Allaah  records a virtue for him. And he does not extend his arms towards the woman, except that Allaah records a virtue for him. When he engages in the sexual act with the woman, Allah forgives all of his sins – because of that. And when he  takes a bath [after the act]; Allah forgives his sins equal to the amount of water which passed  on his hair [ Equal to the amount of hair] .”


second quote :

The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam), said :

“ Jibreel met me and said: ‘0 Muhammad, Allah says: ‘Indeed I have forgiven those women who practice mut’ah [among yout nation] .”


the proof :

October 11, 2008

Mut’ah – Temporary Illegal Enjoyment

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alhamdulillaah ,

today we begin the first detailed post on proving that the shia make illegal intercourse ; legal. And rather they hold it to be from the greatest acts of worship !

The narrations they have in their main books -in this subject- are just ludicrous and clearly devilish.

As for proving that Mut’ah is haraam , this is clear , and we will be sufficed with what has been written in the other Sunni sites [linked on our homepage] ; so for those who wish for that , they should refer there.

Here , we prove the fact that indeed these heretics have made the loaning of private parts permissible, and we prove that they have created lies and fell into heresy by even refering these nasty & false narrations back to Allaah , and His Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam), the Companions, and the Imaams [who are free from them – even though they ascribe themselves to them].

These quotes are from the book ‘Mustadrak al-wasilah’ , it says :

[this is the highlited text ]

From Saleem bin ‘Aqabah that his father said : ‘I asked Imam al-baqir (may peace be on him) is there a reward for the one who does  mut’ah.?’

The imaam said: “Yes, if it is practiced for seeking the pleasure of Allah and to oppose fulaan [someone – I dont know who they mean by this].

And as such he will not talk to her  [the woman] any word ; except that Allaah  records a virtue for him. And when he gets close to her [engages in the sexual act with the woman] ; Allah forgives for him his sins. And when he  takes a bath [after the act]; Allah forgives his sins equal to the amount of water which passed on his hair .”

I [The narrator] said [inquired in surprise]: “Equal to the amount of hair on their bodies?”

The imam replied: “Yes, according to the number of hairs [wet by the water]..”


next quote : [the first underline]

he said : ” Indeed Allaah The Most Mighty The Most Majestic , Has made impermissible for our shia ; all that which intoxicates from any drink – and substituted in its place -for them-  Mut’ah.”


next quote : [the last underline]

from baqir who said : The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam), said :

“When I was being taken to Heaven during the Israa (ascension),  Jibreel met me and told me: ‘0 Muhammad, Allah The Most Mighty The Most Majestic says: ‘I have forgiven all [of the sins of] those women who practice mut’ah.”

end of quotes.

O, You Muslim who fears Allaah, O you Muslim of sound intellect : contemplate on these narrations of theirs , and then you be the judge !!?

the proof :

October 5, 2008

Visiting [the shrine] of Husayn – on the Day of ‘Ashoora

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After the previous post on the ‘mertis and excellence’ of  : Visiting [the shrine] of Husayn – on the Day of ‘Ashoora ,   now this is a follow-up, but different [as you can see the title] – this is on the day of Ashoora.

After reading this , I dont know which one is more worse in the extremity of lies; this one or the previous one.

We take this one from two books :

1. The book called ‘al-mazaar’  , it says :

Chapter : ‘ Ziyaarah [Visiting the shrine]  on the Day of ‘Ashoora [1] before the Sun sets , for those who are far or near’

As you can see the title has a footnote [look at the book itself], now lets see what the foonote reads :

From abee Abdillaah : “Whoever visits the grave of Husayn ibn Alee on the Day of ‘Ashoora -while recognizing his right- he will be like one who visited Allaah on His ‘Arsh [Throne] !”

then he goes on to give other references for this narration ! 


2. We bring this quote from the same book -as the last post- Kaamil az-Ziyaarat [the new print], it says:

From Al-baqir : ”  Whoever visits Husayn on the day of ‘Ashoora, until he sits there crying : he will meet Allaah on the Day of Judgement with the reward of thousands and thousands of Hajj , and thousands and thousands of Umrah, and the reward of thousands and thousands of battles. And the reward of each of these Hajj and Umra and battles is like the reward of one which is done toghether with the Prophet (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam), and the guided Imaams may peace be on all of them. ”


And for you is the proof :

October 1, 2008

‘If not for Ali… !?’ – Heresy Unveiled

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My brothers and sister in Islaam :

After reading all the previous posts in this blessed blog -inshaAllaah – you must have an idea of the extremism and heresy of these people.  Especially in the way they praise and describe ‘their Imaams.’

Now we take another look , at this book of theirs which is [presumably] a collection of narrations of Alee ibn Abi Talib (may Allaah be pleased with him).  It is called “The Book of Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilaali”

Apparently ; they say that this guy [Sulaym] met the Companions and was among the ‘shia’ of Ali , but he did not meet the Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him)

Look at the lies they invent on the companions, and on Ali , and even of The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him), and even The Mighty Lord !!

Look at the clear types of heretical statements and ideologies of the shia.

This is who they are.  


It says : ” from Sulaym ibn Qays who said : ‘I said to Abu Dhar :  ‘May Allaah have mercy on you ; Narrate to me the amazing of things you heard – The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) – saying about  Alee ibn Abi Talib (may peace be on him) ? ‘

So he said : ‘I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

‘Verily around the ‘Arsh [The Throne of Allaah] there are ninety thousand [90,000] angels who dont have any tasbeeh [rememberances] nor any acts of worship – except obedience to Ali ibn Abi Taalib,  and distancing themselves from his [Ali’s] enemies, and seeking forgiveness for his shia [group].’


So I said : ‘narrate to me another, may Allaah have mercy on you,’ 

So he said : I heard him [the Prophet] saying :

“Verily Allaah specified Jibrail, Mikail, and Israfil for obedience to Ali, and distancing themselves from his [Ali’s] enemies, and seeking forgiveness for his shia [group].”


So I said : ‘narrate other than this , may Allaah have mercy on you,’ 

So he said : ‘I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

” Allaah never ceased to use Ali as an evidence – in every nation where there was a prophet. And the one who is more knowledgable [of among the prophets] of Ali ; is the one who has the higher status infront of Allaah.’


So I said : ‘other than this , may Allaah have mercy on you,’ 

So he said :  ”Yes,  I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

” If it was’nt for me and Ali – then Allaah wouldnt be known. And if it was’nt for me and Ali – Allaah would’nt be worshipped.  And if it was’nt for me and Ali – there would’nt be reward and punishment.  And there is no cover which covers Ali from Allaah, And there is no barrier which prevents him from Allaah.  And he is the barrier and the cover which is between Allaah and His creatures.’

end of first quote [end of first highlit].

Second quote :

he said :  ” I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

“Allaah was sole in His Kingdom, then He gave knowledge to His creatures about Himself, and gave them commands and permitted for them paradise. So whoever He wants to purify his heart – from among the Jinn and humans – He makes him realize the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib. And whoever He wants to ‘close [and deviate] his heart – He prevents from him realizing the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ; It wasnt a necessity of Aadam being created and for Him to blow in him the soul, and for Him to forgive him, and to return him to His Paradise : except because of my prophecy and the authority of Ali after me.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ;  Ibraahim did not see the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, nor did He take him as a close friend – except because of my prophecy and the acceptance of the authority of Ali after me.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ;  Allaah did not speak to Musa, nor make ‘Isa  a sign to the universe – except by of my prophecy and the recognition of Ali after me.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ; there is no Prophet who is given prophethood except by him realizing and accepting for us our authority.

And there is no creature among the creatures who deserves to be looked at by Allaah ; except by him worshipping Him , and affirming the authority for Ali after me.’

end of  quote .

Third quote :

he said :  ” I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

” Ali is the mighty one of this Ummah [nation], and the witness over it, and the one who is in charge of its accountability, and he is bearer of the great ritual , and the path to the clear truth, and he is the swiraatul mustaqeem [the straight path], after me – by him ; one is guided from falsehood and is given sight from blindness,  by him the succesful ones become succesful and they are saved from fear,  and by him the sins are wiped away , and the torment is raised away , and by him the mercy is descended.

and he is the eye of Allah which sees, and His hearing ear, and His tongue speaking to His creation, and His hand which is outstretched to His creatures -with mercy,  and His face on earth and in the heavens, and His right side,  and His tight and strong rope, and His firm handhold which there is no slightness, and His door through which He is reached, and His house which one who enters becomes safe, and His knowledge on His path during the resurrection : whoever knew him [Ali] – is saved to paradise, and whoever denies him – falls into the Fire.”

the end !!

and for you is the text :


September 9, 2008

O Sunni, this is who you are to them!

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In a clear picture of how the shia look at the Muslims – The Ahlus Sunnah – , and how they deem us to be disbelievers and ‘impure’ : look at what they have in some of the most prominent of their books of tafseer : Tafseer al-Ayyashi, & Tafseer al-Burhaan . This quote is availabe in both books , but we prove it from Tafseer al-Ayyashi,   he says :

“It was narrated that [Imam] Abu Abdullah said : No infant is born but a certain Satan from among the satans is in his presence. If Allaah knew that he [the infant] would be of our Shiia; He protects him from that Satan. If he wouldn’t be of our Shiia, Satan sticks his finger in his anus, thus [if its a female he] becomes a catamite, and If it [the infant] was a female, he sticks his finger in her vagina, thus she becomes a whore. Allaah then afterwards clears what He desires or affirms, for with Him is the book of Knowledge.”

end of their words .

Look at how they invent lies about Allaah and His actions !

Indeed the people of deviation are known that they lack proofs thus they turn to fabrications,insults, and despicability.

But we say : the children of muta’h should be the last people who can say such statements.

September 7, 2008

The Mahdi : control of the heavens and the earths.

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In another clear example of the extreme extremisim and heresy of the rawaafidh, we come across the words of one of their major scholars called shiraazi . Please read and look at the clear contridictions to the Islaamic creed.  Before that we remind each other of some Noble verses in  :

“Blessed is He in Whose Hand is the dominion, and He is Able to do all things.”  [Suratul Mulk : 1]

” Verily! Allah grasps the heavens and the earth lest they move away from their places, and if they were to move away from their places, there is not one that could grasp them after Him. Truly, He is Ever Most Forbearing, Oft­Forgiving. ”  [Suratul Faatir :41]


And now :

From the book titled ‘Dua wal Ziyaarah [supplication & ritual visits]’ : sayyid As-shirazi says :

Chapter on Visiting  The Imaam Mahdi may Allaah hasten his noble relief :

‘Know that the Imaam hujjah [the proof] indeed he is living and present , and he one who is entitled -and is obligatory on all humans- to obey him , and is obligatory on all humans to believe in his leadership ; the one in whose right hand stood [the control of] the heavens and the earths.

It is a must on humans to stand to him in manner of discipline just as the public behaves infront of the leaders. And from the comprehensivenes of that : is to take him as an intermediary between a person and Allaah, and to visit him by everyperson near and far, and to wait for his coming-out.

And if one is given the facilitation to be among his army, and to be from those who call to him, then he has attained success of the world and the here-after.

And it has already been mentioned that the reward of visiting one of the Imaams is like the reward of visiting the Prophet (sallaAllaahu alayhi wasallam)…..”


The proof :


August 27, 2008

they are better or them !?

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Allaahs’ praise of the Companions is widely mentioned in The Qur’an. And their virtue and excellence is part of the creed of any Muslims. Surely we love what Allaah loves , and we give precedence to whom Allaah gave precedence. For example :

Allaah said:

“The forerunners those who came first among the Migrators and the Helpers and those who followed them with the best. Allah is pleased with them and they are pleased with Him and Allah has prepared for them gardens beneath which rivers flow therein forever and that is the great success.”

[Suratu At-Tawbah: 100]


And The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) said :

The best of my nation is my generation then those who follow them and then those who follow them.”  [Saheeh Bukhari]


And more on the excellence of the companions, please see our link section where there is a must-read book on the creed a Muslim has concerning the Companions.

Now, lets look at what the rawaafidha believe of the Companions :

the destructed one says [in the book : al-wasiyyah siyasiya] :

‘ I completely presume that the Iranian youth -in their millions of numbers- in this current time : they are better than the people of al-Hijaaz [Makkah & Madina and sorrounding areas] during the time of The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) .!!

and they are better than the people of Koofah in Iraaq during the time of the prince of believers [Alee] , and Husayn [may Allaah be pleased with both of them] … ‘


end of his words !

So who do you believe , Allaah and then The Prophet (sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam) who said the Companions are the best of people, or this human devil who says such repungent words ?!


and for you is the text :

August 26, 2008

Heresy !!

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Khomeini – the destructed one says [as in his book kashful asraar]:

“We worship and recognise only that God Whose actions are based on concrete rationalism and Who does not do actions which go against that rationalism.

We do not worship a god who creates a building for Divine worship, and religion, and justice : and then strives to destroy that very building his own hands : [and that is] by giving authority to rascals like Yazid, Mu’awiyah and Uthmaan and their likes !!!”

end of his heresy.

So , O you Muslim do you see what these people stand for? Do you see their creed?

Do you see the behaviour and attitude towards The Lord of everything ?

Do you see the rebuke against the thrid khalifah of Islaam – Uthmaan (may Allaah be pleased with him)?


and here is the text for you.  Be sufficed. InshaAllaah.



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