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November 7, 2008

The Excellence of Karbalaa over the Ka’bah !

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This is another proof of the extremism and heretic lies of these people.  All in the picture of trying to prove that they have sacred places and sacred texts just as the Ahlus-Sunnah do !

This is the first of these texts from their books – showing the excellence of Karbalaa over Makkah ! 

Indeed these people are strange .   O Allaah guide us and them to hold on to Your straight path.

It says :

” Allaah The Blessed The Exalted created the land of Karbalaa 24,000 years before He created the Ka’bah.  And made it holy and blessed it.  So it has’nt ceased to be blessed and holy among the creations of Allaah, and it wont cease to be like that until Allaah makes it the best of the lands of paradise , and the best of places and abodes in which Allaah rests in it His allies. ”


The text :



November 3, 2008

Takfeer of ‘Aisha

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This is a book titled : Forty [proofs] on the Imaamate of our Pure Imaams. 

In reality we are not in need of trying to read some absurd fabricated lies trying to prove something that does not exist in the Qura’n & The Sunna. 

Rather our benefit ; is this text which expicitly shows the creed of the rawaafidha – of cursing and making takfeer on ‘Aisha , the pure one , the truthful one the daughter of the truthful,  the closest wife of the prophet sallahAllaahu alayhi wasallam.

This proof [and the rest of what is in the blog just goes to show the distance between Sunna and them] :

It says :

The 40th Proof :

What has been narrated of the disgrace on the enemies of the Ahlu-Bayt :

from what proves the leadership of our twelve imaams : is  ‘Aisha the Kaafira [the disbeliever], the one who deserves the fire.

This is incumbent and imperative for our sect, and our twelve imaams.

This is because whoever said [and believed] in the khilaafa of the three [Abu Bakr, ‘Umar & Uthmaan] ; believes in her [having] ‘Eeman [belief],and her glorification,and in holding her in high esteem. 

And whoever believes in the twelve imaams ; says [holds as his creed] that she is deserving of the fire…”


The Proof :

October 23, 2008

Takfeer of Everyone ; Except themselves

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This is an explicit and terrifying proof declaring the true creed of the shia rawaafidha – the twelvers [those who believe in the Imamate of the twelve Imams],  they are declaring everyone else to be disbelievers.  Look at the text :

“As for all the other groups [sects] of the shia – other than the the itnaa ashariyya [The twelvers] : then many texts have proved their disbelief , like the previous narrations which have been mentioned.  They prove that ”Whoever denies [rejects / opposes] an Imam : is like one who said : ‘Allaah is one of three.’ ”

end of quote.

No comment needed. Please think.

October 5, 2008

Visiting [the shrine] of Husayn – on the Day of ‘Ashoora

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After the previous post on the ‘mertis and excellence’ of  : Visiting [the shrine] of Husayn – on the Day of ‘Ashoora ,   now this is a follow-up, but different [as you can see the title] – this is on the day of Ashoora.

After reading this , I dont know which one is more worse in the extremity of lies; this one or the previous one.

We take this one from two books :

1. The book called ‘al-mazaar’  , it says :

Chapter : ‘ Ziyaarah [Visiting the shrine]  on the Day of ‘Ashoora [1] before the Sun sets , for those who are far or near’

As you can see the title has a footnote [look at the book itself], now lets see what the foonote reads :

From abee Abdillaah : “Whoever visits the grave of Husayn ibn Alee on the Day of ‘Ashoora -while recognizing his right- he will be like one who visited Allaah on His ‘Arsh [Throne] !”

then he goes on to give other references for this narration ! 


2. We bring this quote from the same book -as the last post- Kaamil az-Ziyaarat [the new print], it says:

From Al-baqir : ”  Whoever visits Husayn on the day of ‘Ashoora, until he sits there crying : he will meet Allaah on the Day of Judgement with the reward of thousands and thousands of Hajj , and thousands and thousands of Umrah, and the reward of thousands and thousands of battles. And the reward of each of these Hajj and Umra and battles is like the reward of one which is done toghether with the Prophet (sallahAllahu alayhi wasallam), and the guided Imaams may peace be on all of them. ”


And for you is the proof :

October 1, 2008

‘If not for Ali… !?’ – Heresy Unveiled

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My brothers and sister in Islaam :

After reading all the previous posts in this blessed blog -inshaAllaah – you must have an idea of the extremism and heresy of these people.  Especially in the way they praise and describe ‘their Imaams.’

Now we take another look , at this book of theirs which is [presumably] a collection of narrations of Alee ibn Abi Talib (may Allaah be pleased with him).  It is called “The Book of Sulaym ibn Qays al-Hilaali”

Apparently ; they say that this guy [Sulaym] met the Companions and was among the ‘shia’ of Ali , but he did not meet the Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him)

Look at the lies they invent on the companions, and on Ali , and even of The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him), and even The Mighty Lord !!

Look at the clear types of heretical statements and ideologies of the shia.

This is who they are.  


It says : ” from Sulaym ibn Qays who said : ‘I said to Abu Dhar :  ‘May Allaah have mercy on you ; Narrate to me the amazing of things you heard – The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) – saying about  Alee ibn Abi Talib (may peace be on him) ? ‘

So he said : ‘I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

‘Verily around the ‘Arsh [The Throne of Allaah] there are ninety thousand [90,000] angels who dont have any tasbeeh [rememberances] nor any acts of worship – except obedience to Ali ibn Abi Taalib,  and distancing themselves from his [Ali’s] enemies, and seeking forgiveness for his shia [group].’


So I said : ‘narrate to me another, may Allaah have mercy on you,’ 

So he said : I heard him [the Prophet] saying :

“Verily Allaah specified Jibrail, Mikail, and Israfil for obedience to Ali, and distancing themselves from his [Ali’s] enemies, and seeking forgiveness for his shia [group].”


So I said : ‘narrate other than this , may Allaah have mercy on you,’ 

So he said : ‘I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

” Allaah never ceased to use Ali as an evidence – in every nation where there was a prophet. And the one who is more knowledgable [of among the prophets] of Ali ; is the one who has the higher status infront of Allaah.’


So I said : ‘other than this , may Allaah have mercy on you,’ 

So he said :  ”Yes,  I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

” If it was’nt for me and Ali – then Allaah wouldnt be known. And if it was’nt for me and Ali – Allaah would’nt be worshipped.  And if it was’nt for me and Ali – there would’nt be reward and punishment.  And there is no cover which covers Ali from Allaah, And there is no barrier which prevents him from Allaah.  And he is the barrier and the cover which is between Allaah and His creatures.’

end of first quote [end of first highlit].

Second quote :

he said :  ” I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

“Allaah was sole in His Kingdom, then He gave knowledge to His creatures about Himself, and gave them commands and permitted for them paradise. So whoever He wants to purify his heart – from among the Jinn and humans – He makes him realize the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib. And whoever He wants to ‘close [and deviate] his heart – He prevents from him realizing the authority of Ali ibn Abi Talib.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ; It wasnt a necessity of Aadam being created and for Him to blow in him the soul, and for Him to forgive him, and to return him to His Paradise : except because of my prophecy and the authority of Ali after me.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ;  Ibraahim did not see the Kingdom of the heavens and the earth, nor did He take him as a close friend – except because of my prophecy and the acceptance of the authority of Ali after me.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ;  Allaah did not speak to Musa, nor make ‘Isa  a sign to the universe – except by of my prophecy and the recognition of Ali after me.

And by The One in whose Hand is my soul ; there is no Prophet who is given prophethood except by him realizing and accepting for us our authority.

And there is no creature among the creatures who deserves to be looked at by Allaah ; except by him worshipping Him , and affirming the authority for Ali after me.’

end of  quote .

Third quote :

he said :  ” I heard The Prophet (may the good salutations of Allaah be on him) saying :

” Ali is the mighty one of this Ummah [nation], and the witness over it, and the one who is in charge of its accountability, and he is bearer of the great ritual , and the path to the clear truth, and he is the swiraatul mustaqeem [the straight path], after me – by him ; one is guided from falsehood and is given sight from blindness,  by him the succesful ones become succesful and they are saved from fear,  and by him the sins are wiped away , and the torment is raised away , and by him the mercy is descended.

and he is the eye of Allah which sees, and His hearing ear, and His tongue speaking to His creation, and His hand which is outstretched to His creatures -with mercy,  and His face on earth and in the heavens, and His right side,  and His tight and strong rope, and His firm handhold which there is no slightness, and His door through which He is reached, and His house which one who enters becomes safe, and His knowledge on His path during the resurrection : whoever knew him [Ali] – is saved to paradise, and whoever denies him – falls into the Fire.”

the end !!

and for you is the text :


September 18, 2008

Iftar !? No. And No Thanks !

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I was hoping to take a pause for Ramadhaan.

But I couldnot resist to share this delicious information with my fellow Muslims , who are fasting.

The rawaafidha shia continue to amaze us [with their heretical extremisim and their lies] .

The Text :

Chapter : The Recommendation of Iftaar [Breaking the Fast] by the Husaini soil [dust] :

1. From Abu Muhammad an-nawafalee who said to Abee Hasan [may peace be upon him] : ‘ Indeed i broke my fast , with the iftaar of clay [dust /soil/ earth] and dates?’

So he said to him : ‘You combined between barakah [blessing] and Sunnah.’


2. From the fiqh [jusrispundence] of ar-Ridha : ‘The best thing of which can be used for iftaar ; is the clay [dust /soil / earth] of the grave of al-Husain.’

end of quotes.

The proof :

September 15, 2008

Paradise is in the hands of Ali !?

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Look at this belif from among their beliefs ! Are these people really serious.

Is this Tawheed?  Is this Islaam ?

We bring these ‘narrations’ from two different books :

Firstly [the blue highlight – the book of al-qoomi] :

‘Abu Abdullaah said : ‘When it is the Day of Judgement, a pulpit will be put in place of which all the creation will see it : and a man will stand on it and on his right hand there is an angel and on his left hand there is angel standing with him.

Then the one on his right hand will announce : ‘ O congregation of creatures this is Alee ibn Abee Taalib the owner of paradise : he enters into it whoever he wills.

Then the one on his left hand will announce : ‘ O congregation of creatures this is Alee ibn Abee Taalib the owner of hell fire : he enters into it whoever he wills.’


Secondly [the book of yellow highlites] :

The second highlited portion :  ‘From Abee Ja’faar that Alee said : ‘I am the distributor of Paradise and Hell fire  – I enter into Paradise my awliyaa [friends and allys]  , And I enter into Hell my enemies.’

The Following highlited portion :  ‘ I am Allaah’s distributor of Paradise and Hell, no one enters them except there are in two groups, And I am the greatest distinguisher [between the two groups]!’

The Last highlited portion [at the end] : This is same as the quote from the other book [the blue highlite].

end of the quotes.

So O you Muslim , this is how far the creed of The Sunnah is from the creed of these people.

The Proofs :

September 11, 2008

Ali & Faatima are better than Prophet Aadam!?

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Another example of their fabrications and heresy , a clarity of their extremism :

“.. And that Aadam (may peace be on her) when had Allaah honoured him  by the prostration of His angels to him and by entering him into paradise. He [Aadam] said to himself :

‘Will Allaah ever create human who is better than me?’

So Allaah knew that which occured in Aadams soul, thus He called to him :

‘O Aadam, rise your head and look at the bottom part of the ‘Arsh [The Throne of Allaah].’ 

So Aadam rose his head and looked at the foot of the Throne – and he found that it was written on it :  ‘There is no Lord Worthy of worship except Allaah, and Muhammad is the Prophet of Allaah, Alee ibn Abi Talib is the prince of the believers, and his wife Faatima is the chief of the women of the world, and Hasan & Husayn are the chiefs of the youth of paradise.’

Thus Aadam asked : ‘O my Lord, who are these people?’ 

And The Lord The Most Mighty said : ‘These are from your progeny and they are better than you , and better than all My creatures. And if it wasn’t for them ; I would not have created you, and I would have not created paradise nor hell nor the heavens nor the earth.

So beware of looking at them with the eye of envy and as such I take you out of My closeness.’

But he looked at them with an eye of envy and he desired to achieve their status.

And as such the devil overcame him until he ate from the forbidden tree, and he [the devil] overcame hawaa [Aadam’s wife] and she looked at Faatima with an eye of jealousy , and she ate from the tree just as Aadam did. And as such Allaah took them out of His paradise and distanced them from His closeness to the earth.’

end of the quote.

And for you is the proof :

September 9, 2008

Alee ibn Abi Taalib was rose to heaven to…

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In another clear example of the heresy and lies fabricated by the rawaafidha , we see the extremism they have in fabrication of stories and the extremism in praising humans.

Alee ibn Abi Taalib (may Allaah be pleased with him) is an Imaam to us , one of those given glad tidings of paradise, the 4th Khalifa of Islaam.  But unlike the shia , we dont give him a godly status , or prophets’ status…. and we dont write lies :

In this book called Musnad Faatima [the collection of the hadeeths of Fatima] , the author writes :

“Chapter : Alee (may peace be on him) A Judge of the Angels :

“from A’mash from Zayd bin Wahb from Abdullah ibn Mas’oud who said : ‘I went to Faatima (may peace be on her) and said to her : ‘Where is your husband?’

She said : ‘Jibreel (may peace be on him) took him to the heavens.’

I said : ‘For what?’

She said : ‘A group of the angels argued about something, so they asked for a judge from among the humans. Thus Allaah revealed to them that they should choose. So they chose Alee bin Abee Taalib (may peace be on him).”


The Proof :

September 7, 2008

This Qur’an is not the real one!?

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The one they call -or as it appears in the cover of the book – ‘allamah al-hujjah sayyid ….. to the end’ says in this book – clarifying and leaving no doubt about what they really believe regarding The Holy Qura’n :

he says :

‘ and in summary the narrations and quotations -which are many if not concurrent- from the Family of the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) that the present Quran is not the complete Quran which was revealed to the Prophet (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam).

In fact, there are verses that contradict that which was revealed by Allaah; and in it are verses that have been distorted,  and there are places where many omissions have been made such as the names of Ali -in many places, and the title of the Family of Muhammad (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), and the names of the hypocrites , and other things.

Moreover also that the present order of the Quran is not according to the preferred order of Allash and His Messenger (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam). As is also noted in the tafsir of Ali ibn Ibrahim (a renowned commentator of the shia) .’

end of his words .

the proof :

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